Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The incurably curious.... The Wellcome Collection

I visited the museum this morning and wanted to share with any one who will listen how great it is. I always go straight to the medicine man collection a fantastic visual education, with the perfectly picked, life and death symbols from history. From memento mori to phallic amulets there are so many fascinating and weird objects, so thought I would share a few faves. 

Half dead, half alive, often these models and paintings are depicted as the rich and imply that death strikes all.

 'seen as either the end of a journey or the beginning of a new one. Death has always been a vital concern to the living'

Reliquary Chest- A reliquary 'bear ones petitions directly to god'

Peruvian mummified male c. 1200- 1400

A great mix of amulets.

I would love to own these.

The display of the artificial limbs looks like a Victorian invention in itself. Some really intricate and decorative limps and some simple wooden carved ones. 

I would love to have visited Henry Wellcome's house!  

Just had to share this too! A nudist cycling outing! Brilliant!

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