Thursday, 26 August 2010

Lustre 2010

Not long now until Lustre- time is going so fast got lots of things to get making, so watch this space!!!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Making a bench at home!!!!!

Well setting up at home is proving trickier than I had first thought! I am really missing the workshop facilities I had at Uni!!! So anyway, with money being rather short and in need of a bench to work on, I thought I would make my own(well with the help of my lovely dad)!!! We are using wood my dad had in his garage, every penny counts!So this is how its going so far.......

I'm holding a skipping rope here, very technical device, to pull the frame tight at the front!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Mouse on the cover!!

A few pics of New Designers!!

Setting up!!

All set up and ready for preview night

Set up of my work at the show, was a smaller space than at degree show so took less draws.

New Designers went really well!!! Was amazing to be there, tiring but great!!! Nice chance to spend a bit of time with some of my course mates before we all departed! Was really good to get different peoples reactions to my work too, most positive and some not so keen on the dead things, but that is what I expected. Also at new designers my harnessed bird piece was selected to be displayed at the Association of Contemporary Jewellers Crossings conference, Recent Graduates Exhibition at West Dean College. That’s a long title!! I couldn’t attend the exhibition but was exciting to have my work on display there.

All done!!!

So I've now completely finished my degree in Design Crafts (and graduated!! woooo!!!). So thought I would put a few pictures up of my degree show and a few pictures of some of my pieces and a bit about them!!!

Degree show display- set up for marking

Display draws attached to the wall in different ways to add to a sense of curiosity.

Walsall Leather Museum

An old workshop in the leather museum, I love the old boxes and stained, well used work tops and draws. Its littered with interesting things, I used this as inspiration for the display of my pieces at the degree show.

And then the pieces......

Bird in silver harness, This Bird was given to me by a friend who found it in her boyfriends garden. It was completely intact and looks quite peaceful. The bird is freeze-dried.

Silver Monkey Skull, I found the actual skull in Tanzania on a beach, partly eaten by dogs!

Small mouse on suede bed, encased in silver locket,My favourite final piece in the degree show, this little mouses body was found in my boyfriends bathroom. It looked very peaceful and likely it had a small heart attack. It seemed a shame for the mouse to end up on some rubbish pile so I had it freeze dried and designed a case that would both protect it (in the same way a museum artefact may be preserved) and to create a small reliquary for the mouse.

Another final piece in the degree show. This crab I found on a beach in Swansea. There was a small cluster of a few whole crabs, amongst the flotsam, as if some one had placed them there very carefully.