Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The incurably curious.... The Wellcome Collection

I visited the museum this morning and wanted to share with any one who will listen how great it is. I always go straight to the medicine man collection a fantastic visual education, with the perfectly picked, life and death symbols from history. From memento mori to phallic amulets there are so many fascinating and weird objects, so thought I would share a few faves. 

Half dead, half alive, often these models and paintings are depicted as the rich and imply that death strikes all.

 'seen as either the end of a journey or the beginning of a new one. Death has always been a vital concern to the living'

Reliquary Chest- A reliquary 'bear ones petitions directly to god'

Peruvian mummified male c. 1200- 1400

A great mix of amulets.

I would love to own these.

The display of the artificial limbs looks like a Victorian invention in itself. Some really intricate and decorative limps and some simple wooden carved ones. 

I would love to have visited Henry Wellcome's house!  

Just had to share this too! A nudist cycling outing! Brilliant!

London calling!

So first of all......


A very exciting show to be a part of indeed and met so many interesting people. It was great to be part of the Design Space collective once more and we might not have enjoyed the setting up too much but a few drinks at the private view soon sorted us out.

I took several new pieces to the show. Let me know what you think! 

A few new pieces, more photos to come soon.